Took a few minutes out of my day today to take a self portrait, never really been a fan of being in front of the lens much rather be behind it but its one of the best ways to push your photography. Been down a little bit lately and this really shows me at this moment.




Lets Surf

Those of you who know me know that i like to surf as much as i can but when i have lenses rented for another job i have to use them and get as much out of them as i can cause once i return them I’m left without any lenses. One thing i miss from school is the access to all the equipment we had and being spoiled with the best of the best. So in short even when the waves are going off i enjoy sitting on the beach just as much as being out in the water capturing moments in time in a unique way to my eye and being able to share them with all of you. My foveate one is the first one and all the seagulls in everyone. EnJoy.



Wedding Day

Shot my first wedding and one of the best ways to learn a whole lot really fast is in shooting you first wedding by yourself. It went amazing and i really had an amazing time. The best think i took away from it is that i could really see myself shooting weddings. Couldn’t of asked for a better day. Cheers to the Happy couple on their wedding day.


little Lake

Had the oppurtunity to finally drag my buddy out and do a photo shoot with him. I had an idea of going out to this park i heard about but ended up not being able to find and on our way back we were losing light fast so we stopped at this little lake in santa margarita and I’m really pleased on how these came out. Thanks the the 50 1.2 i was able to still get everything that i wanted and the shallow depth of field was perfect. Thanks Garrett for everything




Going through old shoots.

Was going through some old shoots and found this one shot i did of tonys bike, envious of his bike for sure. 


Tater is a new edition to the family, unfortunately not my family but I’m scheming on a plan to kidnap him in the near future.  He is the coolest little guy out there, hands down.  No one can argue with that once you see theae pictures.
I present to you the coolest little english bull dog in the entire universe, look it up its a fact people. EnJoy

Early Morning in Orange

In Old Town Orange, near Chapman University,  I was able to do  shoot one morning when I flew home on spring.  My sister got all dressed up in her wedding dress and my brother-in-law put his wedding suit on for me.  It was fun to see them in wedding attire again and I could see they were relived they were just playing dress up.  Their wedding day had 5 months earlier so today was all about fun.  I appreciate them so much in my life and was so happy with the outcome of this shoot.  Sorry I have not been posting as much lately.  With graduating from Hallmark and busy trying to find work i have allowed myself to take a bit of a break.  Thanks for your patience and I will be posting more here soon!  Thanks again and EnJoy.

Dream Bike

School has kept me crazy busy and I have not been able to blog and post as regularly as I had hoped.  Now that I’m home, as a Graduate of Hallmark, I can finally catch up and reveal to you all what I have been up to.

At the tail end of my time at Hallmark I decided to come home for a week so that I could shoot for my phase four final portfolio.  Coming home meant I had to do a photo shoot with a buddy of mine who had just got his new baby, his bike, up and running.  I stepped out of my car expecting to see a pile of metal but instead I felt jealousy creep over my body.  I didn’t even recognize the bike when I saw it and instantly decided when I come home for good I can’t wait to start a bike renovation project of mine own.  The shot came out awesome and I was so excited to have it in my final portfolio.  Best part is the judges were really stoked about the shot.

Thanks again Tony for modeling and for allowing me to shoot your bike in all its glory.


Crazy Week

It has been a crazy week here in Western Mass and one that I’m stoked to have over.  Although at the same time I find myself wanting the week to go by slowly because of how much work I have left to do.  Now that I think about it I probably should be tackling that instead of blogging but ehhh I need a break and it is only 12:37am here so I say why not.

When I look back on today and see all I have done I can proudly say way to go Matt.  I don’t want to look at all that still needs to be done but I know without a doubt I will get it done.  I may have to skip a night or two of sleep and a meal here or there but I will get it all done.   About today; I got to sit in a portfolio prep class which was very helpful in showing me importance of arranging my shots and provided me with some feedback on some retouching I have done and still have left to do. I did not want to wait any time and so I began retouching all my shots and had a lot of fun; especially with my surf shots.  Each one of my shots has a different feel and the “artist freedom” that photography can let you explore really gets me pumped as I get deeper and deeper in this art.

Pro Surfer


I had this idea to do for an occupational portrait of a pro surfer. Step one, take him down to the beach and put a mini studio up and then shoot wide so you could see the beach behind him and off to the sides. Step two, have him get in his wetsuit and have a board under his arm which would, in a way, represent the life of a pro surfer on tour.  Surfing means being in front of the media, having your picture taken nonstop and always having to be your best in and out of the water.  Yet again I was trying to set something up on the east coast to do this shot but of course there was no way I could find someone up to my standards or reliable enough.  So naturally I decided to do this shot when I flew home for a week to shoot for my final portfolio. My girlfriends’ brother came through for me big time and I owe him, thank you Ryan and A’s breakfast burritos on me!  The guy was sick but still got up, drove all the way down to the beach, put his wetsuit on and let me try and capture this idea I had developed in my mind. The shot came out perfect and is exactly what I was going for.  Once I tweaked it a bit in Photoshop the outcome was more then what I could have hoped for. Again, Ryan I owe you.  I had so much fun on this shoot and looking at some of the outtakes you will see exactly how much fun we all had. Enjoy.

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